Why SEO is Important in Boston

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for any company that hopes to acquire a sizable share of the market, online. The first step is a website audit to know where you are and what needs improvement. Next, the expert defines techniques necessary to achieve your brand’s optimization goals.

Benefits of SEO during Website Development
When most people ask why SEO is important in Boston, they rarely expect to be told that optimization is actually essential from the moment the website design process starts. Here are key benefits of optimizing your website’s design.

– By increasing the page load speed, there’s a lower bounce rate. Additionally, search engines evaluate a site’s load speed when calculating page rank.
– A responsive design improves page load speed and the layout on mobile. Last year, Google implemented Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a strategy that compresses images, Java Script and other elements that slow down a website on mobile. Now, Google indicates websites that have AMP pages already.
– There’s a lower bounce rate, and better indexing by setting rules to redirect missing pages and broken links. For WordPress websites, a website designer installs plugins to redirect pages with 404 errors to the homepage.
– Integrating social media accounts on the website creates a link between all platforms used by your brand. Users on the website follow social media buttons to see your social media accounts and vice versa. It also enhances content sharing from the website to social media. This connection generates traffic.
Benefits of On-page and Off-page SEO

There are two types of SEO tactics on a website by a Boston seo agency. You need on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On the page techniques include keyword analysis, writing product descriptions, internal linking, improving the page load speed and writing content that is appealing to users. Off the page, you need to generate sufficient backlinks to bring traffic to the website and create engaging content through social media channels. These and more activities guarantee:

– Your website will be among the top three options listed in a search engine results page (SERP) for a specific query a user makes.
– Search engines will visit your website, and go deep into it because of your efficient internal linking plan.
– Traffic will increase due to your position at the top of organic search results for the keywords you intended.
– The bounce rate will decrease because of the great match between your content and the target keywords. Users will not be in a hurry to leave.
– Your audience will engage more, and share your content with friends.
– Your marketing budget will decrease because of an increase in organic (free) traffic. Hence, there’s reduced cost to acquire each customer. With great targeting using keywords and quality content, a website draws only potential clients based on their search queries.
– Brand awareness and provision of necessary information will influence a user’s decision. Unlike advertisements, blog posts, videos and guest posts offer information that enhances the credibility of a brand.
Overall, SEO does not begin once the website is available online. Rather, SEO is important during and after website design. As long as you need traffic to your website, and a better position above competitors, you must optimize your website.

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