Discount mattresses are worth it

Why You Should Always Get Discount Mattresses

Ever wanted to know the secret about sales? The bed company that have a ‘sale’ all year round?

We all get enticed by promotions where we are told ‘Sale Must End Today’ or ‘Black Friday is Coming’ – and only to learn that in most cases the price is the same when the ever-inviting discount has ended.

When shopping for mattresses, the funny thing is that there usually
just-so-happens to be a discount.

There are certain tactics that might seem a bit sneaky. They are made to make you part of your money quickly. The things we don’t realize is that although by law the ‘right now’ price should have a bearing on what the price was previously, actually doesn’t.

Trading Standards

Discount mattresses, or in fact anything discounted, are regulated by trading standards who enforce vigorous rules, and that means that the ‘buy now’ price and ‘was’ price is correct. Right?

In many cases, this isn’t true. Just because it’s a large mattress company that wants to stay on the right side of trading standards and the law doesn’t mean that the before and after the price has any bearing whatsoever on the actual value of the mattress you are looking at.

Discount Mattresses – Buy Today!

Don’t get reeled in by sale tricks. Chances are that the company had demonstration beds in store priced high that were intended to be sold in a ‘sale.’ If you are planning on buying a discount mattress then even when it’s listed at a reduced price, it may not even be its real worth. You can easily find a mattress with a better specification that is priced in a morally correct way.

The RRP (Recommended Retail Price) means not a great deal too. The RRP is what the manufacturer advises the retailer to sell at then it looks like when it’s discounted that you are making a saving.

Compare the Advantages

If you find a discounted mattress, then compare it to others that haven’t been reduced in price at Dream Factory Mattress Outlet.

If you pay £500 after being told it was reduced from £750, or that the RRP was £750, are you really saving £250?

Look at like-for-like mattresses, and you will probably find the actual
worth of those you have been looking at.

Make sure that the ‘discounted mattress’ doesn’t say that the reduced price will go up after the ‘sale.’ Many companies won’t increase the price after the discount date has ended.

An example may be companies like Argos, Bensons for Beds and to go elsewhere on home furnishings, DFS.


Be aware that there is no such thing as a saving. There is not a chance that any company will sell a mattress at half of what it’s actual worth is.

If you find a discounted mattress, then that’s amazing but always ensure you do your research first. Companies like you to part with your money, so the bright red or blue sale signs are designed to reel you in and, as we said earlier, part with your money.

Don’t always think that you should always get discount mattresses.
Retailers that never have sales are worth looking at for researching the best mattress for your needs, then look at those with ongoing ‘sales’ and compare like-for-like.

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